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Small Basement Remodel Ideas

Unfinished Basement Lighting Ideas

July 5 2017

Lighting a Portal Site Studio or workplace

This basement studio/office combines natural lighting, track lighting, and pendant lighting to create a bright, comfortable space for both creative and office work. A window enables daylight to spill in. Track lighting shoots beams of light on artwork. At this room's center, a drawing table takes advantage of indirect daylight reflected by the ceiling and walls in addition to a fixture floating above the table. Pendant lighting above the desk provides task lighting for office chores.

Industrial-Style Lighting

With concrete walls and exposed structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, unfinished baths have all the bones of the industrial-style living space. Consider adding industrial-style illumination to finish the look, if your decision is to burnish these elements and leave them exposed rather than to cover them.

Recessed Can Lighting

If your remodeled basement has a finished or suspended ceiling, recessed can light is a fantastic alternative. They contribute. They are fantastic for seats, dining, and crafts regions because the light provides bright light. They're also a favorite--the fixtures can not get hit by pool cues or destroyed by Ping-Pong balls.

Combine Lighting Fixture Types

This modernist basement home office uses recessed can light to illuminate the display shelves and walkway with the desk.

Track Lighting

Track lighting may be a renovated basement's best friend. It does not take up wall or floor area is simple to install, and is amazingly flexible. Many systems, like the one mix both place fittings for flooding fixtures or pendant and accent lighting for ambient illumination. Track lighting also allows you to easily change the room lighting when you layout or rearrange the furnishings of the room -- without needing to change the fittings.

Wall of Light

Florescent fixtures hidden behind perforated panels supply both a textural background and broadly diffused illumination within this basement sitting area. The planks' design fits the room's modern theme. Orange squares warms the light, energizing the space.

Finished Basements Toronto

Ceiling- and Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Before turning basements into beautiful finished living spaces became popular, few homeowners could have set up a flush-mounted ceiling fixture or even an elegant sconce below ground level. Basement ceilings were often too low--and bare walls also awful--to even think about using such "upstairs" fixtures below level.

Pendant Lighting for High-Ceiling Basements

High ceilings like this one can feel light and airy--or just big, anonymous, and empty. Lighting produces interest and a sense of closeness in rooms that are tall.

Recessed Miniature Can Lights

A galaxy of recessed miniature can lights shine down with this basement bar. The bright white light from these quartz-halogen fixtures accentuates the sparkling glassware the glowing wood cabinetry, the granite countertops, and the stainless-steel bar surfaces. Each row of lights is about a dimmer switch, allowing the homeowner to dial in the amount of illumination required: bright for celebrations for viewing the TV mounted above the 38, or dim.

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